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Open hiring is the equivalent of “First in, first hired.” It is a policy where the first person to show up for the job gets it without any background checks, interviews, resumes, or experience. This type of policy allows people who typically face barriers a chance at getting a job, including those who are homeless, have struggled with substance abuse, or are disabled. Take a look at some of the benefits to open hiring.

More Potential Candidates

This type of policy opens your candidate pool to anyone who wants a job. If you have entry-level positions that don’t require experience or training, you will fill them more quickly and easily. You will also have greater diversity within your organization. Once your hiring process is opened up, you are giving access to people of all different backgrounds.

Recruitment Takes Less Time

Another benefit is that it takes less time to recruit the people you want to hire. You don’t have to go through resumes and invite people for interviews. You simply need to know if the person is authorized to work in the US and whether they can perform the basic tasks of the job.

You Have Better Retention of Employees

Everyone has an opportunity to work when you use open hiring, and people don’t get judged for past mistakes. People who lack work experience have a chance to get the experience they need. When you offer a job to people who have trouble getting hired, they are likely to be more loyal. They will stay in the job longer because they feel valued.

It Is Good for the Community

Having a job is an important part of life, as it provides the means for paying bills and supporting families. Having a routine that involves following a schedule is also good for people. When someone is constantly turned down for a job based on an event in the past, they never have a chance to turn their lives around. Providing them with this opportunity has a positive impact on the community because they are able to be employed and contribute to society.