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Leaders are meant to encourage those who they manage or supervise. The best leaders display the characteristics of empathy, self-confidence, good problem-solving capabilities, integrity, and a passion for what they do. Most importantly, though, they are self-aware.

What Is Self-Awareness?

To be self-aware means to have the ability to honestly observe your own feelings and thoughts, then using this knowledge to grow as a person of character. It involves self-reflection and evolution.

If someone is self-aware, they are accepting and welcoming of constructive criticism and use it to improve themselves. They are also often open-minded and willing to change their mind based on new information they have learned.

Another characteristic of a person who is self-aware is having the ability and desire to question their own biases and prejudices, then being able to work on tearing these apart.

Why Is Self-Awareness Important for Leadership?

It is extremely important for a company’s leadership to be self-aware individuals, as it results in empathetic managers and supervisors who are emotionally intelligent and treat their employees fairly.

Leaders who practice self-awareness are far less likely to micromanage, have unhealthy relationships with their team members, and blame their employees for issues they are responsible for causing. This, in turn, leads to a much better-run company that is more likely to succeed.

This is exactly why cultivating self-awareness in yourself as a leader is crucial. Take a look below at some ways that you can do this.

Building Self-Awareness in Leadership

There are a couple of ways that you can help yourself become a leader who is more self-aware.

First, you can make sure that you practice reflection upon your emotional reactions throughout the day, as well as the thoughts that pop into your head. This will help you catch on to any patterns or habits that you need to break.

Another way that you can cultivate self-awareness in yourself is by being an active listener rather than a passive one or someone who is constantly talking. This can help you grow tremendously as you will need to consider the opinions of others.

As long as you are honest with yourself about your own feelings and thoughts, and you actively keep trying to better yourself, you should be able to successfully become a self-aware leader.