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There is a good chance that the vast majority of us have considered being an entrepreneur before. But there are a ton of misconceptions that come with the territory.

There are a few in particular that stand out above the rest. Here are some of the biggest myths about becoming an entrepreneur to be aware of.

No Personal Life

There is a major misconception that entrepreneurs have to give all of their time and energy to the business. There is no time to be had for personal lives or anything other than the business itself.

But if anything, that is the quickest path to burnout. This is why it is important for entrepreneurs to find balance, which includes having a personal life. That balance can create better focus at work, which can lead to greater productivity in the long term.

Can’t Quit

Perhaps the most famous of myths about entrepreneurs is that they cannot quit because that would equate to failure. But the simple fact is that some ventures don’t work out and there is nothing wrong with abandoning ship.

Going down with the company is something that we have heard about time and again, but it just leads to stress and self-doubt. Realizing that a situation isn’t working is one of the smartest things that entrepreneurs can do. It can mean starting anew with enough confidence and faith in yourself to make it a possibility.

No Bosses

There is a major misconception that being an entrepreneur means having no bosses. And while it can mean calling the shots for the business, there are definitely bosses in play. The consumer is oftentimes the boss in situations such as these.

So while being an entrepreneur may mean not directly answering to someone, there is always the demands of clients and customers to meet. Making sure that they are happy can be just as demanding as making sure that a boss is happy with your performance. It just comes from a different perspective at the end of the day.