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Trying to come up with an idea for a new small business isn’t always easy. If you have always had the ability to help others, then you might be interested in making helping small businesses your business. This is a surprisingly good business idea that could be very practical for you. Keep reading to explore this idea further and to see how you can make it happen.


Consulting is a great way to make money by helping small businesses. Some small business owners will simply need advice about various things so that they can make good decisions. You can monetize your expertise in various areas to make money. If you know that you have a lot to offer small businesses, then you should consider opening a consulting firm.

Buying Businesses to Turn Them Around

Buying businesses to turn them around is something that some people have gotten into. If a business is struggling due to the leadership that is in place, then you could buy it and try to make it better. In some cases, your ideas could help the business to turn a profit after making some important changes. You can then either keep the business or sell your now-profitable venture to another entrepreneur.

Training People

Another way that you can help small businesses is to provide training. Many companies don’t have good training protocols and programs in place. If you can develop special training programs, then you can go to companies and use your expertise to help people learn important things. This could involve training them to use specific types of software or it could mean sensitivity training.

Helping with the Books

Of course, many small business owners struggle with the financial aspect of running a business. They might not be good at keeping the books and this could be an avenue where you can help if you have accounting skills. When you look at what accounting firms do for small businesses, then it becomes easy to see that they’re helping them out all the time. This is different than the ideas above but it’s certainly a way for you to make helping small businesses your business.