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A performance review is one of the most important documents contributing to the success of an organization. If done correctly, managers and employees can openly share their views of the department’s performance while strengthening workplace relationships and trust.

Performance review is a process that ensures that an individual has knowledge about their job and knows what they are supposed to do and how well they are doing. It is a formal evaluation of an individual concerning their job performance with a specific focus on the strengths and weaknesses of the job description.

Here are some steps to write and prepare a high-quality performance review that offers results.

  1. Go Over the Initial Job Description

Before you sit down to write the appraisal, go over the initial job description. Make sure that you understand everything that was required of the employee when they started working for your organization.

  1. Gather Evidence About Performance

Next, get evidence about performance. Keep all documentation readily available and organized by dates because it will be useful in writing the performance review. Look at attendance records, memos, travel logs, and e-mails to gather evidence about your employee’s actions.

  1. Describe How Well the Employee Fulfills Performance Standards

You should write how well the employee fulfills the performance standards throughout the year. This should be based on personal observation of their day-to-day work behavior.

  1. Write Your Conclusions About Performance

Write your conclusions about performance based on everything you have gathered so far. Focus more on what was done well and what needs to be changed or improved.

  1. Provide the Employee with a Copy of the Review Early

It is good practice to provide employees with a copy of their performance review early to have ample time to reflect on and accept what has been said about them. This will help in building better relations between managers and employees without any surprises.

  1. Offer the Employee an Opportunity to Discuss the Review with You

After giving the employee a copy of their review, offer them an opportunity to sit down and discuss it with you. It is important to give the person a chance to express their point of view on how they have performed.