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Now more than ever, it is imperative for companies to build a positive culture. Not only can a positive company culture make the work environment better and more productive for current employees, but it can entice other talent to want to join the team.

But what goes into creating a positive company culture? Here are a few helpful tips that can make the culture better and more productive than ever before.

Give Praise

Yes, employees go to work to earn a paycheck, but that is not where it ends. We are all people and as such, we need a little positive reinforcement from time to time. We can probably all think of a job where the only time things were said ended up being in a negative light.

Work can also get to be overwhelming and stressful. With a little bit of positive reinforcement, you can remind employees of their value and keep them feeling good about both themselves and their work.

Encourage Social Interaction

In busy workplace settings, it can seem like the rest of the company is cut off from each employee. Burnout is a very real thing in the workforce these days and effective companies are finding ways to combat that.

Encourage breaks. Encourage employees to share and talk with one another in an effort to connect and relax. Those intervals may only be 15 to 30 minutes, but they can have an impact on the employee that day and for the days to come.

Encourage Self-Care

One of the biggest issues with companies in general is the sense from employees that they are not cared about. They feel that they are simply there to drive the bottom line and nothing more. That is one of the prevailing factors in fostering negative workplace cultures.

Encourage employees to focus on their self-care. Maybe time for a 15-minute walk each day. Give them the tools and information that they need to potentially reduce stress, get enough sleep, and eat healthier. Showing care and concern lets them know that they are not alone and that the company does want the best for them.