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Communication is a part of any entrepreneur’s arsenal. Being able to convey information accurately and in a timely manner is crucial. Part of that information is being able to provide feedback to employees and colleagues.

Giving effective feedback is crucial. It can lead to the potential to solve problems and improve the way things are done. But it can also turn into a negative experience quickly. Here are a few ways that entrepreneurs can give effective feedback.

Creating Safety

One of the biggest issues facing feedback is that most people apply a negative connotation to the experience right away. When that happens, it means that the most likely outcome is not applying said feedback for better good.

Delivering feedback is tough, but it doesn’t have to be mean-spirited. Keep it constructive and try not to make the other person feel bad or to make them look like a fool in the eyes of any peers or coworkers.

Be Specific

Feedback has the potential to be too broad. When that happens, it feels like a criticism more than actual feedback. By getting specific, you can show the person in question where the details of their shortcomings are.

Maybe it is the way in which they interact with customers. “You are very personable, but tend to lose sight of the sale. Try to focus on less small talk and getting to the product instead.” Those specifics can result in faster, more easily applicable changes.

Be Positive

It is important to give positive feedback as well as negative. While the goal of negative feedback is to provide instances in which something didn’t go right, it is all too easy to take that feedback to heart and make the person feel bad.

By providing some positivity as well, it means that the recipient may be more open to taking direction. Negative feedback feels threatening; with a little bit of positivity, it can feel like a suggestion more than a directive or threat that comes with a certain amount of consequence.