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Startups rely more heavily on quality employees than established businesses. With the margin for error razor-thin, there is no room to hire someone who can’t benefit the business. But hiring the right candidate is easier said than done.

So, for entrepreneurs looking to build their startup, there are a few things to keep in mind when hiring. It can mean the difference between having the proper staff and trying to work around someone who just isn’t cutting it.

Consider the Costs and Benefits

Before you can even begin recruiting for the position, know what the cost will be to your startup. Moreover, know what the benefits of this hire will be. For costs, consider things such as salary, benefits, taxes, space, equipment, training, onboarding, and any other hiring costs.

The benefits, meanwhile, can entail any sales tied to that person, expansion possibilities, relief to other staff members, or development of a new position or area.

Freelancers Are Becoming More Viable

With the switch to remote work becoming a regular occurrence, freelancers are becoming more valuable than ever. Even if your company has the best intentions, not every startup can afford to hire full-time employees right away.

Finding a freelancer to fill in on a part-time or temporary basis can be just as beneficial. Moreover, freelancers are keen to sign up with startups as well. If they do well, it is possible to simply transition them into a full-time role.

Treat Applicants Well

Another way to attract quality applicants is to make sure you treat them well. There are communities out there where those searching for jobs can compare their experiences. Getting your name on the naughty list is the fast track to having to hire subpar candidates.

Treat candidates with respect and courtesy. Make sure that your recruitment process is a positive one because word can and will spread. When your company gets a negative hiring reputation, especially as a startup, that can be a difficult thing to come back from. Start on the right foot.